Cold Laser Protocols is much more than just protocols. It’s about marketing to your own community, and it’s about sharing in with our own community.

As such, our monthly plans include access to our protocols, including frequent updates. You will be able to join our exclusive private forum where you will be able to discuss your cold laser issues, success, and more with other members. You will be able to get to know other members with our general forum too where you can discuss everything and anything. And of course you will have access to our team of experts to answer your every question.

Moreover, you will have access to marketing materials to use in your practice. You have access to these fantastic protocols, so you better get this word out to your community that you are the go to person to get them out of pain. So our marketing materials come in the form of image ads you can use on social media, printed materials, and even videos to use each and every month.

You will also have direct access at two predefined windows each week to speak to us directly about any issues you may be facing or any questions you have.

To summarize, all this is included in your monthly plan:

  • Access to regularly updated protocols.
  • Marketing Materials
  • Members Only Forum
  • Scheduled Call Times

Monthly Plans

We have two plans depending on your needs to get you access to this program.

Check them out here with pricing.