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Many of us at one point or another have had that, ‘Moment’ when we decided that we were going to commit a life to serving others.  I can recall the day and time when I decided that I ‘had enough’ of the daily day grind in that dead end job that was doing nothing but weigh down the pockets of the man who sat at his glass office with his feet up on his desk smiling away.

I was in my mid to early twenties, fresh out of college and sending out resumes to businesses while holding a B.S. Degree in Sports and Health Science.  I had always wanted to be a Physician of some type but seeing the prerequisite requirements for classes I needed to take during my undergraduate studies, I turned my focus back to playing college baseball and dream of making it to the big leagues.  That didn’t last long though because when baseball didn’t quite pan out and I found myself sitting at a cubicle 40 hours a week, furthering my education seemed a whole lot brighter.

I went on to fulfill my studies and become that physician I always wanted to and begin my career caring for patients in pain.  Fortunately, it did not take long for me to settle into private practice and juggle the business and treatment side of things.  I learned quickly that it didn’t only matter how good of a doctor I was but rather how well I was able to market my practice.  The best doctor in the world needs a constant flow of patients to put that ‘worlds best doctor’ title to good use.

I have always been blessed even though I have had my share of obstacles in and outside of practice.  I seemed to stay very ‘plateaued’ with regards to business and growth.  The ladder I was continually working on to improve though with little avail. I would try this practice idea and that practice idea but all of them seemed top phase out in time and I was left right where I started.  To say I was a bit frustrated was obvious!  Then something happened…….

Actually the same thing happened, that is I attempted another ‘idea’ to help with my practice growth.  Brad, a lifetime co-worker of mine, really pushed me to purchase a cold laser for the practice and let me know all the positives that it could do for not only our practice, but our patient results.  Begrudgingly at first, I again took a leap of faith with yet another idea to bring my practice up another level.

It was at this very moment, my life changed and even more importantly, so did hers.  By hers, I mean Sally.  Sally was a patient of ours for years and had previous knee surgery many years prior though without any proper follow up rehabilitation.  She happened to be in our office one day for some maintenance therapy and we got to talking about our new cold laser.  It suddenly hit me that we should try it on her knee.  Due to the fact that she was not recommended proper post surgical rehab Sally was not able to extend her knee and was basically locked from extending the knee past 140 odd degrees.  You could imagine the level of imbalance and limping that took place.  Sally was certainly open to try out our new cold laser and so were we!  By this time I was quite knowledgeable of the benefits and workings of the cold laser but real life scenarios and use upon suffering patients I was still a bit naive to.  I was aware that a great deal of scar tissue had formed in Sally’s knee limiting her ability to fully extend it.  The literature states the ability to break up scar tissue and regenerate new tissue while reducing chronic inflammation.  To make a long story short we put Sally on a setting of the cold laser for 15 minutes.

This is when I still get ‘gooseflesh’ when I tell this story because Sally got off from the table and was able to fully extend her knee then walk without a limp.  The emotions that circumvented the room were contagious and just overwhelming with joy, tears and happiness.

That’s when I looked over to Brad and said, “Let’s get more of these lasers!”

It wasn’t long after this incident with Sally that we recognized the amazing results we were having with patients while utilizing our very own protocols.  This bridged the gap in deciding to go to a developer and design a software that would spread our results into the hands of other qualified doctors and ultimately patients worldwide. 

We are continuing to write the book on our Cold Laser Protocols®.

Dr Scott Coletti DC


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