Data Mining

Cold Laser Protocols®

Data Mining?

A key aspect with our protocols is that they are dynamic. We are always improving and making them better. We currently have an 85% pain reduction success rate. With our members also using them, and inputting their patients conditions and effects, we mine this data and use it to improve the reliability and effects of our protocols.

In effect, our protocols will become the standard for applying cold laser to patients no matter what the equipment used. Everything is taken into account.

Imagine thousands of doctors across the world using these protocols daily with this information being fed back to our central database, which is then used to improve and update them on a frequent basis.

Become a Part of this Evolution

The time is now. Become a part of this evolution. Cold laser is the present, and it will be the future as more and more people will be complaining of joint pain as our own society shifts due to technological and lifestyle changes. Get on board now and become the sole user of Cold Laser Protocols® for your region. We allow only one practice in a region exclusive access to our protocols, so make sure it’s you.

What Our Clients say

Dr Henry Jones


The protocols are great. They have helped make my work flow more efficient. Now I get my staff to follow the protocols and set ups while I deal directly with my patient. I’m able to help far more people than before.

Dr Danielle Pickford


Love this service. It’s helped my patients and practice no end. I’m getting consistent results and able to close more patients because I can give them good expectations of how long they will need treatment for.

Dr Winston Graveson


They say it’s so simple a kindergartner could use them. This is so true as am able to discuss things in detail with my patients while my staff sets everything up. The protocols tell us exactly what to do. And for the low price, this is well worth it.

Dr Geraldine Granger DC


The marketing materials alone makes this package well worth the super low subscription fee. My community now knows what cold laser is and what it can do for them. I’ve never seen so many cash patients in my career.