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Doctors! Do you want to help more
patients AND increase profits?


Do you want to help more and more patients get out of pain?


Do you want to increase the profitablility of your practice?


Do you want access to proven protocols that have a high success rate AND be shown how to get the patients in?

Hi, I am Dr Scott Coletti DC, owner of Baywest Health & Rehab in Florida, and with some close staff members, we have developed protocols that have consistently helped us get our patients out of pain.

It has meant our cold laser results have gone up from average to well over 85% success rate.

We are planning on launching these protocols across the country to other doctors like you to use in the very near future.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you must read on.

What is it?

It’s a set of protocols built into software which will guide doctors and physicians to take them through the process of treating their patient using their cold laser therapy equipment.

All doctors know that the equipment comes to them with generic instructions, and it’s often left to the docs to experiment and find out what settings work best.

This can take months or even years to figure out, with still no guarantee of getting it right.

Well, we’ve done the figuring out for you.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort in understanding our patients needs and our equipment and have developed a large array of protocols which are able to provide doctors anywhere with the correct settings and levels to treat their patients.

Since developing these protocols and putting them into practice, our patient satisfaction rating has gone through the roof.

We are seeing a high level of success, we are seeing patients out of pain for the first time in years.

We are even seeing patients cry with joy that they finally have relief.

Most importantly, we are seeing patients able to manage and even eradicate their pain and live life fully again.

Take a look at this video to get more info and understanding of what it’s about.

Do you want to see these exact SAME results happen in your practice?

SOFTWARE to help your patients and your practice.

We will soon be launching our cold laser protocols and service to all doctors.

You will be able to set certain parameters based on the pain level of your patient, the type of pain, and where it is located.

The SOFTWARE takes care of the rest and guides you through the entire process to help your patient.

Furthermore, we provide you with all the tools and materials to help you get the word out to your community. From pre-designed flyers to Facebook ads to videos and other marketing materials to help you tell your patients what you can do for them.

We’ll also be providing help on how to get the word out to your patients and community.

There will be a members only special Facebook group where you can bounce your ideas off others and get new ideas yourself from other doctors who are gaining success.

Our experts will also be on the group for you to ask for advice, tips, and other information both on the app itself and marketing.

And we understand that there will be many ‘on the job questions’, so we will be offering a medium for you to get one to one conversations with us to help you hone your skills to success.

Treatment Areas Included

Want to know more?

Then sign up below and be the first to find out the software launch date and what else is included with our membership packages.

This software will be available soon, so sign up now and be the first doctor in your town to acquire this knowledge and help your patients, and your practice.

What’s Included?


The software will contain many protocols for the back, neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles & feet. These protocols have all been tried and tested and have already provided us with an 85% success rate in our practice.

Free updates of the app will be included with membership, and you will have access to online videos and instructions explaining how to use the app.

Marketing Materials

If you’re using these fantastic protocols to help your patients lower their pain levels, you’ve got to let them know.

Included in membership you will have access to plenty of marketing materials including graphics to use on social media advertising, videos, pdfs for flyers, and more.

Instructional videos how to utilize the materials will also be available.


Expert Help

This isn’t a simple download the app and off you go type service. You will have questions to ask and included in membership, we will make our expert technicians available to you to help you get the best out of the protocols.

Exclusive Facebook Group

You will have exclusive access to our private group area where you can discuss the protocols with other doctors, and also marketing ideas and tips.

We will be available to answer questions as well and it will provide your quickest go to place for help and sharing.

Features & Benefits

Main Features

  • Hundreds of protocols covered in the software
  • Step by step protocols provide optimal treatment settings and plan
  • Simple and efficient to use
  • Regular updates included in membership
  • Access to our team of experts

Main Benefits

  • Consistent results – you can give your patients more accurate predictions
  • Make your patients happy by lowering their pain levels to practically nothing
  • Happy patients means more positive feedback to your practice
  • More positive reviews means greater patient intake means greater revenue for your practice

Coming Soon

These protocols that already being used to get patients out of pain AND increase success of clinic.

However, the app containing these protocols is still in development stage and we will begin to test it soon.

Sign up below to be notified of latest developments and when this will be going live and available.

1. Consistent Results

We have developed protocols for our cold laser therapy treatments that have got our patients OUT OF PAIN!

2. Use in Your Practice

We are making Last Minute Fine Tune Adjustments to our System prior to unveiling to a Doctor near you.

3. Sign Up Now

We will keep you up to date with news and rolling out of the red carpet, don’t get behind the eight ball.


Sign up now and be the first to know the launch date.

Who’s it helped?

These protocols are already helping others and have transformed the success rate of our practice!

Listen to two patients who have gained their lives back thanks to this technology in conjunction with our protocols.

We have many more success stories we can share.

With these protocols, you too can see great success in your practice and get great testimonials like these.

Changing the Course of Action to Treating Pain Forever – The Right Way

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