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You Should Not Go With Cold Laser Protocols IF… (Part 2)

by | Apr 12, 2017 | 0 comments

Cold Laser Protocols – You Should Not Go With Cold Laser Protocols IF…

…you currently have cold laser therapy in your practice which is exceeding an 80% success rate using your own current protocols. If you are doing that, then you probably don’t need us and you should stick with what you are doing. Well done.

However, this goal for higher and higher success has driven our own clinic to being a results driven practice. Let’s face it, our customers, our patients come into our offices for us to solve their problem: pain. It’s our business. Isn’t that what we are in this profession for?

So how did we get this 80% plus figure from?

We average over 50 new patients a month for our cold laser therapy using our protocols, and 8/10 patients are telling us they are getting the relief they came in for. This is fantastic for us because the protocols we have worked so hard to develop are providing our patients and ourselves with the desired results.

Brad and I, have been working together for 18 years, and we have worked long to develop these protocols through a great deal of trial and error. We bought cold lasers into the practice several years ago, but we were not happy with the generic instructions or protocols that the equipment came with. We wanted better for the practice and for our patients, and so went about developing protocols that would give us successful and consistent results.

So this is what has helped us to get at and above an 80% success rate in getting our patients out of pain, effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Simply put, our protocols work.

Indeed, cold laser isn’t our sole service we offer at the clinic in helping patients with their pain. We do a lot of personal injury cases and we do a lot of chiropractic and physical therapy too, but it is cold laser which is growing to levels above and beyond what we ever expected.

It can be the same for your practice and patients too.

So we want to share what we have learned with doctors across the country and even the world. Our app contains all the protocols we have found to work over 80% of the time. The app is extremely simple to use and guides the practitioner through the entire treatment sessions until the patient is feeling pain free again.

This simplicity means that you too will get the same results we have, and you can really grow your practice as well.

Check out the video on our YouTube channel.