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7 Best Benefits of Having Protocols for Doctors

by | Oct 23, 2017 | 0 comments

Why Cold Laser Protocols?  Here’s 7 Best Benefits of Having Protocols for Doctors

At Cold Laser Protocols, we are often asked what it is about the protocols that can benefit other doctors and their patients. The cornerstone of our mission statement is “protocols so easy a kindergartner can use them.” This is the essence by which the protocols were created. When we started out in cold laser many years ago, our treatments were erratic, didn’t follow a smooth path, and results were mixed. The generic instructions that came with the equipment were just that, very generic, and while we did help our patients get out of pain, it was often hit and miss.

It was at this point we sat down and evaluated what we had and what we needed to do. We searched for answers, asked questions, but really no one could provide them. We decided to make them ourselves.

We established procedures and protocols in our practice; we began forming a solid base and then built from there. Over the following few years these protocols grew and grew and got so large that we had to look and storing them electronically in a database. And so the idea of going one step further and creating software to house them was put forward. The results we were getting from the protocols at our own practice became so consistent and successful; the next step was to make it available to other doctors, like you.

And this is what happened, and doctors the world over can also benefit from these protocols and establish them in their practices. But how? Well, here’s the 7 best benefits of having protocols for doctors. As you read through, think about how they can help you in your practice.

Part of our mantra is Effectively, Efficiently and Affordably. This forms the first three benefits to doctors.

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  1. Effectively

Cold laser therapy works. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve seen the results, we know other practices across the world get results from it. Since starting Cold Laser Protocols, our results have significantly grown. They have been extremely effective. If you are a doctor that hasn’t invested in the technology or maybe hasn’t had the time or inclination to learn another treatment system, then CLP will help. The software means there will be minimal time invested in learning the system, which will enable docs to put it into practice immediately and get results.

  1. Efficiently

Because the software is so easy to use, this means that it will actually increase the amount of time a doctor will have to run the practice, see more patients, or whatever else they decide. Protocols are designed to be so simple, a kindergartner could use them. While we are by no means belittling anyone, the efficiency of the protocols means that the doctors backroom staff actually applies the treatment. All the doc needs to do is see the patient at the beginning of the treatment and hand over to the backroom staff to do the treatment. It is super easy to follow, prompts throughout the program including images, suggested things for discussion and videos.

  1. Affordable

Affordability is a massive factor when it comes to treatment, especially in the United States. Patients who are looking to get out of pain are often frustrated with having to take medication, injections, or even may have to look towards expensive surgery. In contrast, cold laser therapy in conjunction with Cold Laser Protocols can significantly save them pain and money. This is a huge benefit to the doctor because patients will be seeking the simplest and most cost effective way to get out of pain.

  1. Data Mining

Data mining is a huge aspect of Cold Laser Protocols. Imagine a world wide community where doctors are continually inputting data from their patients condition, pain levels, age, functional analysis, skin color and more, and this data is collated on an ongoing way up to the conclusion of treatment. Imagine this data then being analyzed and protocols updated to reflect these improvements. Imagine this world wide community then having access to these improved protocols. This is exactly what data mining is and will be how Cold Laser Protocols will get better every single month.

  1. Marketing Membership

Those are four massive benefits to doctors everywhere employing cold laser therapy. That is fantastic and will help their patients meaning they get out of pain effectively. The next step is for doctors to tell their community about this fantastic system that is going to get people out of pain. That is where the marketing aspect of membership to the protocols comes in. There will be “done for you” marketing materials in the form of flyers, social media images and videos to promote. There is also a bonus marketing section helping docs establish the basics of online marketing through Google, Facebook, Instagram and so on. There is also weekly phone access to marketing professionals to ask questions. There is an online community forum where members can meet and discuss everything from what works in their practices to talk on protocols and laser therapy too.

  1. Revenue Stream

If you are a chiropractor, then most likely the primary treatment care you provide is back and necks. With Cold Laser Protocols, you can open up to treat other conditions to extremities of feet, knees, hands, arms and so on. Increased treatment means more opportunity to treat more patients and an increase in revenue.

  1. Referrals

With the consistent results doctors will be getting with Cold Laser Protocols, more patients will be happy and out of pain. This means they will be telling their friends and families. They will be leaving more positive reviews on Facebook and Google. This means your practice will move up higher on the search engine rankings because of these reviews, which means more patients in through the door.

Simply put, Cold Laser Protocols will enable any doctor using them to become the pain free hero of their community. Why? Because Cold Laser Protocols will only be allowed to be used by one doctor per geographic location.

If your location doesn’t have a doctor utilizing Cold Laser Protocols, you need to act quick before that spot is snapped up. You’ve seen the benefits, you’ve seen why it is the future, now it is time to act and to grab Cold Laser Protocols for your town before your competitor does.

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