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How Doctors Can Get Advantage of Cold Laser Protocol

by | Nov 22, 2017 | 0 comments

Cold laser therapy has been around for several decades and has had thousands of papers written on it, has been in practice for years, yet for many doctors, the potential high results of cold laser therapy remains elusive. While there are numerous devices available the time constraints of doctors that doctors face in attending to their patients and the running of their clinic as a business means that time dedicated to learning and applying new treatments or protocols is extremely difficult.

And this is a shame, because the power of cold laser therapy is there, many are already yielding great results from it.

Doctors also fear their lack of knowledge in utilizing cold laser therapy within their own practices, because they don’t know how to use them. They are unaware of the potential that they have when the correct protocols are applied. This means not only the patients miss out, but the doctors do too from a great revenue stream and also to give them the extra time and freedom they desire. This is the advantage of cold laser protocol; to empower the doctor with the knowledge to provide consistent treatment and results from cold lasers.

Moreover, it is no secret that cold laser is not accepted worldwide by insurance. It certainly isn’t at this point in time in the US, and even under universal healthcare systems in countries such as Canada, the treatment is still only available privately, and not covered by insurance either. The case against cold laser at this point in time is high, but yet the doctor can still get the advantage of cold laser protocol and push the boundaries forward on this form of treatment.

In simple terms, doctors need protocols. They need a tried and tested method of treatment that will for the most part produce the results required on a consistent basis. They need protocols in order to hand over the task of application to the back room staff for them to perform the treatment with consistency. This hand over leaves the doctor more time to see other patients, to work on his practice with the knowledge his staff are treating patients effectively, and of course to enable the doctor a life of his own to spend with his family. This is the advantage of cold laser protocol.

For patients, they should not have to rely on surgeries or a multitude of pain medicines which produce side effects, or counter the effects of other medications treating other conditions. Cold laser can treat and manage this pain enabling them to reduce or eliminate medications, and nullify the possibility of surgery.

All this is possible with the advantage of cold laser protocol.

Cold laser therapy works. It eliminates pain, it keeps pain under check. With the correct protocols in place, it can be done effectively, efficiently and affordably. Effectively and affordably helps the patient, efficiently helps the doctor.

Thankfully a new company is answering this call. Cold Laser Protocols are a software based program with a continually evolving database of pre-programmed protocols that are easily produced based on patient conditions, pain levels, degeneration and age that even a kindergartner could use. Providing a consistent and results driven output, they will help patients manage their pain, and doctors better manage their time