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Healing and Pain Management Benefits from Cold Laser Therapy

by | Nov 15, 2017 | 0 comments

It’s quite evident that joint pain sufferers across the world are increasing at excessive numbers. There have always been numerous reasons for joint pain issues in the past, but in today’s world, people are looking for new pain management treatments to ease their pain, one of which is cold laser therapy. Reasons for the increase in joint pain include the high intensity sports that are played at one end of the spectrum, high obesity rates at the other with excessive weight on joints. We also have technology which puts us in seats all day with our heads hung over a computer or looking down at a smart phone.

We also have an aging class of citizen. What with a higher death rate compared to the past, we see patients who have degenerative joint conditions that are never going to get better. This is one big area that cold laser therapy excels as a pain management treatment. Older citizens are less able to go through surgery to help their joints, and while medications can help with their pain, they often conflict with medication for other conditions they may have, and ultimately being on medication long term is never a good thing.

So the benefits of cold laser therapy are immense. Firstly, it is a scientifically proven fact that cold laser therapy when utilized properly with proper established protocols, regenerates tissue. While it may not be able to fully heal a degenerative condition, it is certainly going to provide an excellent form of pain management enabling the patient to continue doing the things in life they love.

Pain Management

Patients are crying out for new forms of treatment, especially with the opioid crisis we are seeing reported these days. The beauty of the benefits of cold laser therapy are that it is non invasive and non medicated and there are barely any side effects (save perhaps a slight tingling sensation while treatment is taking place).

Cold laser protocols

Although cold laser therapy has been in existence for a good 50 years and has well over 5000 papers written on it, many doctors worldwide are still hesitant in utilizing it. To start with, their time is already at a premium what with running their surgeries, seeing a high list of patients, and even trying to find time for a life of their own, it does take a great deal of time and effort to learn a new treatment and invest in the associated equipment and training. Not to mention the majority of insurance companies do not cover the treatment, so any patients receiving it will all be cash based.

Despite this, cold laser therapy is steadily growing in notoriety, the science is backing it up, and patients are looking for healthier and alternative treatments to help with their pain management. Opioids and surgery need not be the only treatments available to them, and while we are at this early pioneer stage of the treatment becoming mainstream, we will see an enormous growth in the application of cold laser therapy in the future.